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Our Book Is Coming This February!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

New York City and New Teddylandia, Oct. 3, 2023

Introducing MISSING — A Whimsical Journey into the World of Healing, Mindfulness, Mother Nature, and her little helpers — Wild Teddy Bears — Available This February.

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Today marks an exciting moment in the world of children’s literature as Tomas Kohoutek, an award-winning creative director, illustrator, and a debut author, proudly unveils his groundbreaking children’s book series, Living With Teddy, inspired by the magical world of Mother Nature and some of children’s closest allies — their own teddy bears.

MISSING: The Greatest Teddy Bear Story Ever Told.

The first book in the series, MISSING, AVAILABLE THIS FEBRUARY, is a fun illustrated chapter book geared toward readers 8 and above, that promises to do much more than captivate young hearts and spark their imaginations. This innovative children’s story, which doubles as a personal-development book, was carefully designed to help adults, and their children, start a healthy family conversation about stress, worries, and fear, while teaching kids about nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients often missing from our lives today.

The heroes of the story, Tomas and his childhood friend, Teddy, embark on an adventure filled with wonder, healing, and powerful life lessons. This dynamic duo takes readers around the world and into the enchanted Black Forest, home to gigantic blueberries and Wild Teddy Bears — the true ancestors of our domesticated teddies, and probably the rarest, wisest, and funniest creatures still roaming the face of the Earth. Together, they meet Mother Nature, the ultimate mentor and healer, who’s eager to help everyone become stronger and healthier again. Finally, they travel to New Teddylandia, a magical place children everywhere can’t afford to miss.

Tomas Kohoutek, the author of this heartwarming tale, has expressed his excitement about sharing this story with the world:

What Do Our Children Need Right Now?

I believe there is nothing more important than helping our children thrive, especially now when all the mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders are everywhere around us. So, how can we, grownups, assist our children, who are just on the brink of developing their defenses, in coping with this new world full of uncertainty, negative news, confusing culture, and, most importantly, all the technology that’s constantly competing for their attention? Today, with the rise of AI, metaverses, gaming, and social media, technology has officially become an unavoidable part of our evolution, and children love it. It’s helping them learn, play, and communicate faster than ever before. Plus, STEM fundamentals, like problem solving and coding, will undoubtedly help them survive in the near future. But are our children, who are constantly immersed in their tech, properly adapting to it? If not, then who’s teaching them how to slow down, heal, and balance their busy digital lives? My children’s book, MISSING, based on years of research and experience, is here to help.”

How I Found the Best Childhood Advisors and Counselors.

“While there are plenty of brilliant teachers and gurus out there helping grownups with some of their physical and mental challenges, I could not find many mentors that our kids could learn from or follow on their own terms. And because, as a child, I had to face many difficult situations, I decided to do something about it. For the sake of our future generations, I decided to travel the world in search of the best childhood counselors who could somehow come to the rescue. And I’m very excited to announce that I found them! After personally experiencing the magical power of Mother Nature and Teddy Bears — something that helped me overcome many challenges in my childhood — I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to learning everything there is to know about them and sharing their message of love, kindness, and healing with anyone who needs it. I hope that children in your life will have a chance to discover this magic too, because it can bring more balance into their busy digital lives and help them become stronger, kinder, and healthier human beings.

But you don’t have to be a child or be struggling in life to enjoy my story. In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. If you’d like to know how to awaken the healer within and help yourself, your family — or perhaps even the world — thrive again, then this is the perfect book for you.

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Key Highlights:

- Adventure of a lifetime: The story takes readers on a fun journey around the world and, along the way, plants a seed in their minds about everything that truly matters in life. It provides them with a powerful foundation and the tools they need, not just to survive in this modern world but to thrive in it.

- Immerses children in a world of imagination: MISSING encourages children to unleash their creativity and embark on imaginative adventures of their own.

- Fosters life lessons: Children learn valuable lessons about life, friendship, bravery, and the beauty of seeing the world with an open heart.

- Perfect for bedtime stories: Ideal addition to any bedtime routine, offering children a magical world to explore solo, or together with their family.

- Beautifully illustrated: The book features Tomas’ original illustrations, which bring the story to life, making it a visual delight for readers of all ages.

Furthermore, in the book’s final chapter, dedicated to adults, Tomas shares step-by-step suggestions for how parents can become the healers in their family.

Living With Teddy

MISSING: The Greatest Teddy Bear Story Ever Told

Written and illustrated by Tomas Kohoutek

Now Available For Pre-order >

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this magical adventure. To download a free preview of the book or to pre-order your copy, please visit the book's official website at, where you can find additional information about the series, the author, and his mission to bring more children closer to Mother Nature.

For media inquiries, author interviews, or reviews, please contact Tomas Kohoutek at

About the Author:

Tomas Kohoutek is an award-winning creative director, storytelling dad, and peacemaker, who enjoys bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in fun and creative ways. Tomas’ innovative children’s story, which doubles as a personal-development book, is designed to help children and adults everywhere start a healthy family conversation about their stress, worries, and fears, while teaching them about nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients missing from our lives today.

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