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  • Is Your Children's Story Finished And Available For Sale?
    Yes. Our book is completed and available for pre-sale via KICKSTARTER > Kickstarter is a world-class crowdfunding platform that can help us bring our project to life. How does Kickstarter work? If we reach our goal, and raise $5,000 (or more), we'll use the proceeds from the campaign to simply fund the production of the books. But this project will only be funded if it reaches its goal, which means, if we don't hit our funding goal, all the pledges will be canceled and the money will be returned to the backers. Free Preview Would you like to preview our book? You can download the first three chapters of our children's story HERE > We'll keep you updated on the progress as we complete each production step.
  • What's The Status Of Your Book? Is It Done? When Will It Ship?
    Current Status and Updates (newest at the bottom): Story and Illustrations completed by Tomas Kohoutek (2020 - 2023) Professional editorial guidance (Done) Cover illustration, colored by academic painter Branislav Sosic (Done) Design of the book and journal layout (Done) ISBN number purchase and registration (Done) Final proofreading of the book, rewards and add-ons (In-progress) We will be going to press post-campaign (November–December 2023), with expected fulfillment within 60 days thereafter. Shipping (January - February 2024). Shipping Our plan is to get the books and rewards printed and shipped to our backers as soon as possible. We'll be going to press post-campaign November–December 2023 and we expect to have the hard copies as well as digital versions in our hands by the end of 2023. We plan to ship the books with all of the extras in January-February 2024. We've selected USPS to deliver your book, rewards, and add-ons. Once the campaign has closed, we'll be sending you a Kickstarter survey to collect your shipping information — so be on a lookout for the Kickstarter email. Please note that our physical rewards and add-ons ship only to select countries. So, If you live in one of the countries we can't ship our physical book to, you can always purchase our E-book.
  • Are Teddy Bears Valid Healers?
    Absolutely, as you already know, healing comes in many shapes and sizes — and teddy bears, or any other stuffed animals are definitely part of the healing universe. They are much more than just soft, cuddly toys or great gifts, but rather our first friends, mentors, and guardians, who, much like real animals, can help us cope with this new world, or our troubles, through their unconditional love, kindness, and healing. But that’s not all. For the lucky few, who deserve it, or who need extra help, stuffies can even come alive. This miracle happened to me, perhaps because, as a child, I went through a lot of difficult situations. If you want to learn how you can bring your own stuffies to life, then check out the last chapter of our book — dedicated just to you, grownups — where we’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions for how YOU can bring your children's furry friends to life and become the healer in your family.
  • Can You Tell Me More About Yourself?
    My name is Tomas Kohoutek, and I’m a Creative Director, children’s book author, and a storytelling dad, who enjoys bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in fun and creative ways. I'm a father to my daughter Hana, and the founder of Daddy and Teddy, a friendly and safe community full of teddy bears, plushies, stuffies, and designed to help kids everywhere become stronger, healthier and kinder human beings. My childhood friend Teddy and I are trying to make a difference in this world by bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together. We love exercising, healing, working on cool projects, and learning from everything around us — especially from Mother Nature. I was born in Czechia (former Czech Republic) — in a wonderful city called Hradec Kralove. When my family moved to countryside, I met my friend Teddy. He is the one who introduced me to Mother Nature, helped me heal, and who showed me that I was born with many wonderful gifts, such as my sense of creativity, which is something that gave me a new perspective on life that opened doors to a new, secret and magical world full of unlimited possibilities, healing, and epic journeys around the world. Are you curious how Missing begins? Then make sure to download the first three chapters of the book. You’ll be able to get familiar with my writing and illustration style and find out how Teddy and I actually met.
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