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Living With Teddy | Healing Power Of Teddy Bears

The Healing Power of
Teddy Bears

Teddies and Stuffies Are
Much More Than Just Toys

Living With Teddy | Healing Teddy Bears

Teddy bears and stuffed animas are some of children’s closest allies. If you’ve ever lived with a teddy bear or any other stuffie, you know that they are much more than just soft, cuddly toys or great gifts, but rather our first friends, mentors, and guardians, who, just like real animals, can help us cope with this new world through their unconditional love, kindness, and healing. But that’s not all. For the lucky few, who deserve it, or who need extra help, they even come alive. This miracle happened to me, perhaps because, as a child, I went through a lot of traumas and difficult situations.

The Truth Behind Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals

Living With Teddy - Illustartion

If there’s something or someone missing in your children’s world, don’t wait. You can count on our children’s story to help you start the conversation about everything that matters in life. Plus, in the last chapter of our book, dedicated just to you, grownups, we’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions for how YOU can become the healer in your family. Yes, it’s not just possible, it’s easy. All you’ll have to do is stay open-minded, think like a child from time to time, and remember to have some fun — even if through your children's teddies and stuffies. They can take your family on a lot of fun adventures and facilitate a variety of continued learning and healing — at home or on the go. 

Missing | The Greatest Teddy Bear Adventure Ever Told

Meet My 
Missing Friends


Living With Teddy | MISSING: Teddus

Teddus was the first wild teddy bear I've ever met. His real name was Teddus Polonski but everybody just called him Teddy. He was born in the southern part of Poland in 1977. When we met, we became instant friends. Teddy loved meeting people, traveling, riding motorcycles, taking trains, and, of course, consuming honey — a lot of honey. He was an exceptional storyteller, cuddler and hugger, who always knew how to make me feel calmer, safer, and happier. He taught me how to be kinder to myself and others and inspired me to have more fun, seek new adventures, and continue learning from everything around me — especially from Mother Nature, who is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate healer and mentor, the one everyone should get in touch with. With Teddy and Mother Nature on my side, my life has never been the same, because they introduced me to incredible ideas, new friends, and a world full of unlimited possibilities.


Kotunia was a fine lady resembling a cat. Besides purring at a perfect healing frequency, her specialty was the power of love, kindness, and compassion. Thanks to Kotunia, I started to see love as something more than just hugs and kisses, but rather as an important ingredient of life and a powerful force able to conquer almost anything — especially anger and hate. Kotunia always reminded me how fragile life is and how important it is to protect it. Having Kotunia on my side made my life more connected and whole by consciously improving my relationships and respecting every living being around me. (I also must mention that one of the classmates I always had a crush on started finally noticing me.)

Living With Teddy | MISSING: Kotunia


Living With Teddy | MISSING: Pajda

Pajda was an extremely wise and well-behaved dog, specializing in the art of healthy living. He immediately became my medical counselor and a spiritual guide, who boosted my well-being by introducing me to a variety of physical and mental secrets, like stretches, yoga, and meditation — all designed to make me much healthier. His “Healthier Childhood” program taught me a lot of important lessons about sleep, diet, exercise, mindfulness, and relationships. I learned that each step could function like medicine and dramatically improve my chances of recovery. Exercise and diet were probably my most neglected areas, so I made sure to move my body for at least thirty minutes each day. I also began replacing some of my unhealthy favorites, like fried and salty dishes, with colorful, raw fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, and a variety of proteins. I substituted plain water for unhealthy sodas and got rid of many of the sugary snacks I used to consume in large amounts. With Pajda on my side, I made my life less stressful by keeping my health in check.


Sowu, the talkative know-it-all owl, was a retired language professor and one of the wisest creatures on the planet. She had probably read every book ever published. She had once won a major award for her literary contributions to animal society, but now she was ready to take a break and just help me catch up on all my schoolwork. Once I could return to school, Sowu often sneaked into my backpack just to help me stay focused, which was probably my biggest problem at school. Having Sowu at my side made my life much easier because she helped me improve my grades so that I could get into all the schools I’d dreamed of.

Living With Teddy | MISSING: Sowu
Living With Teddy | MISSING: Arnost


Arnost was Teddy’s distant cousin from the northern lands. I wasn’t sure what they fed him up there, but he was the biggest and strongest bear I’d ever seen. He was not afraid of anything. Arnost’s roar was so loud that even the scariest creepers from the Black Forest would run for their lives. At age three, he’d earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which he claimed made him a much better bear. He was determined to make me stronger and more resilient too, so that I could overcome all the fears that had been “bugging” me inside. Having Arnost on my side made my life less fearful. I regained a lot of confidence and even joined the local Junior Firefighter Club.

New Teddylandia Airport

Everything You Wanted to Know About Teddies, Plushies and Stuffies.
but Were Afraid to Ask. 

Life is a beautiful mystery, full of surprises that we all learn more about as we grow older. But as I started putting the pieces of my own puzzle together, I realized that this game of life is not just about having good times, but also about hard work, responsibilities, and a variety of challenges we must prepare for and face at some point — often on our own. 

    Some of my biggest challenges arrived when I was just a little kid. First, my world fell apart when my parents decided to divorce. Then, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that keeps bothering me to this very day. For some strange reason, I decided not to talk to my family or friends about all my struggles, worries, and stress that came with the diagnosis, because I simply didn’t know how. So, I kept everything inside, which was a big mistake that I don’t want anyone else to repeat.

    Then came the unexpected twist that gave me a lot of hope and changed my perspective on life forever. I accidentally ran into a wild, talking teddy bear who understood not just my language and my condition, but also my feelings. For some strange reason, he wanted to know everything there was to know about me, my family issues, and even my health. So, I finally started to talk. Surprisingly, sharing my secret fears, struggles, and worries with my new friend made me feel much lighter and eventually put me on a path toward recovery. 

Through my story, you’ll learn a lot about these wild teddy bears, including their history, culture, and their art of quiet and mindful living, which was essential during my healing process.


How to Bring Your Teddy Bears And Stuffed Animals to Life

After becoming a father, I was looking forward to the time when I’d be able to pass some essential skills and wisdom to my daughter and talk to her about love, life, and everything else that actually matters. But like many parents out there, I’ve always been busy with work. I would arrive home after my daughter had already fallen asleep, so there was never any time for storytelling or asking her about how her day went. I was missing out on a lot of important bonding, and that seriously hurt our relationship. I had to do something about it.

    Where did I start? Well, I knew quite well that inspiring children takes time and a lot of energy. So, I had to keep it simple. During our first conversations, I would ask her about how she felt and what she was grateful for. To which she would reply, “OK.” Soon I realized that she was, just like I had been as a child, too shy to share her feelings, especially those that troubled her. I knew I had to take it to the next level by blending our little conversations into her favorite weekend activities, like our hiking trips. This approach worked quite well, but in the end, nothing compared to bringing her teddy bears to life.

You see, during my life, I’d had a chance to meet many wise gurus and take notes from plenty of valuable books, but the knowledge I collected from Mother Nature and her little helpers — teddy bears — was by far the most profound. Through extensive scientific research, I discovered that teddy bears are more than just soft, cuddly toys or great gifts, but rather our first friends, mentors, guardians, and even healers, and many children can’t imagine living without them. Don’t believe me? Just ask your kids about their own furry friends and how much they mean to them. I promise you that once you realize how close these creatures actually are to your children and you start to understand their secret language, you will be able to tap into their relationship and connect with them on a new, deeper, and more creative level. 

    So, are you ready to bring some teddies to life? The process of reigniting their spark is fun, easy, and doesn’t cost a thing. It’s something that has transformed the lives of my entire family, and I’m certain it will benefit your family, too, especially if your children struggle with health or school, or if they don’t have any siblings. All you have to do is think like a child from time to time, stay open-minded, and try to have a little extra fun with your children and their furry friends in your own unique ways. Just don’t be discouraged by their peaceful appearance. While it is true that teddies meditate quite a lot, they also love to play, party, and even talk. I would know, I’ve been hanging out with them for a great portion of my life. So, I can guarantee you that these guys are flexible professionals, ready to become whatever you need them to be, from powerful communicators, counselors, and guardians to your children’s first healers — capable of relieving their worries, fears, and even stress. 

    Finally, before my close friend Teddy disappeared from my life, he told me about a big idea of his called “Teddy Show.” According to Teddy, this show would not just allow any parent to spend more fun time with their children while putting them to bed, but it would help children open up about their feelings too. The instructions were very simple: After finishing their homework and completing all of their chores, children could invite the most deserving parent or guardian to the “Teddy Show.” Creating custom tickets for the show would be nice, but it isn’t mandatory. Then, children would select the most talented furry friends to perform a few of their original comedic acts. What would the show be about? You decide. All I’ll have to say is that we tried it, and it became an instant hit. As a matter of fact, we’ve been doing the Teddy Shows for several years now, and they’re not getting old. We’ve traveled the world, swum with dolphins, hung out with dinosaurs, camped on the top of Mt. Everest, and even flown to space — maybe a hundred times — all from the comfort of our bed. My daughter fell so hard in love with her own teddies and stuffies that she started asking for their royal presence during our meals, reading time, and even family trips. To say that teddy bears took over our lives would be an understatement, but my wife and I have never complained. Why would we? Our world suddenly turned into a magical playground full of laughing, playing, dancing, reading, and communicating — something we all really needed.

Would you like to check out some of our wild "Teddy Shows?" You know — for educational purposes only. If you do, then simply search for Daddy and Teddy on your favorite social channel where we hang out from time to time. Or click here to get started.

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