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The History
of Wild Teddy Bears

The Legend of Wild Teddy Bears

The history of teddy bears, and many other kinds of stuffed animals, goes far beyond President Theodore Roosevelt's hunting incident, which inspired one of the most famous theories about origins of teddy bears. But the true history of these incredible bears starts with the discovery of Wild Teddy Bears — the true ancestors of our domesticated teddies and probably the rarest and wisest creatures still roaming the face of the Earth. Wild Teddy Bears (Fera Teddus Ursus), have always lived on this planet, free and in perfect harmony with the Universe. Their job is to make the world a better place for everyone and help Mother Nature protect life — the most precious force that unites all of us and makes Earth the most beautiful playground in the entire galaxy. 

The Kingdom of Teddylandia

Living With Teddy | Teddylandia Map

A long, long time ago, when the European continent looked nothing like it looks today, Wild Teddy Bears established a small but magnificent teddy bear kingdom in the region. It was called the Kingdom of Teddylandia. The last remains of the kingdom were documented by this hand-drawn map from an unknown artist. You can see Teddylandia's last location — squeezed between the Kingdom of Bohemia, today’s Czechia, and the Kingdom of Silesia, today’s Poland. 

The Great Teddy Bear War

The Kingdom of Teddylandia was never discovered or shown on any map, so for a very long time nobody knew it even existed. But wild teddy bears had prospered in the valley on their own for many long years, until they got attacked by the army of mysterious fox warriors who somehow discovered teddies in the mountains, which unfortunately marks the beginning of the Great Teddy Bear War. 

    Nobody knows what the Fox Warriors wanted. The whole war doesn't make much sense. Foxes are actually very nice animals that live in beautiful forests and mountains around the world. But these foxes were different. They were beasts. And I'm still trying to figure out who had sent them, where they’d gotten their armor, and what they were really after.

    Just like animals in the wild teddy bears developed a natural way of blending in with their environment. Most teddy bears living in the wild are green, which helps them hide in the bushes from their predators, but during the Great War, the fox warriors searched every bracken and blueberry bush around. Eventually, they chased all of us away. We became refugees, forced to leave Teddylandia and unable to return to our destroyed houses. Kingdoms everywhere suddenly opened their borders to protect our kind from extinction. Families around the world welcomed teddies and stuffies into the safety of their own homes. 


Living With Teddy |  History Of Teddy Bears

Mother Nature stepped in too. She empowered teddy bears with her healing abilities, just so we would not arrive at human dwellings empty-handed. The fastest teddy bears rushed to homes where children were suffering the most, but every teddy eventually found a place to live and a child to help. The more time children spent with their new furry friends, the happier they became. Stories about mysterious furry healers spread around the world, and within a few short years, teddy bears were everywhere — thriving again. 

    During the Great War, many teddies and stuffies escaped to the safety of the majestic woods of Poland, from where they continued to fight the foxes in the hope that, one day, every teddy bear will get a chance to return home to their kingdom.

    And while many thought that teddy bears could never defend themselves against the strength of the invaders, a miracle happened. They were able to inspire millions of people from many kingdoms around the world to unite against the enemy. It was incredible. The world put up a fantastic fight against evil, and within a few days they chased majority of the foxes warriors away.

    And while few teddies and stuffies eventually returned home, the original Kingdom of Teddylandia has never been restored. The majority of teddies chose to continue living with humans, helping them balance their lives. The powerful King Teddo III, who united original Teddylandia provinces, fought the foxes till the very end. But after he noticed all the migration of teddy bears from his kingdom, he decided to assemble a group of the bravest teddies, and together they embarked on a long journey across the big ocean. The legends say that they searched for their new home for weeks. Eventually, they made it across and settled on a new continent that every Teddy knows as the New Teddylandia.

Living With Teddy |  New Teddylandia
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