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Children Reading Living With Teddy

Thanks For Your Help! 

Bringing Children Closer to Mother Nature.

Hello and thanks for stopping by our support page. We wouldn't be here without our family, friends, loyal supporters and patrons. Teddy and I are two good friends trying to make a difference in this world by bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in fun and creative ways.

We hope to create more balance and peace in children's busy digital lives by teaching them something new about themselves and the world around them — especially nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients often missing in our lives today. We also want to inspire even the busiest of families to start the much-needed conversation about everything that actually matters in life, so that their children could become stronger, healthier, and kinder human beings, capable of taking care of their bodies, minds and soul — ideally, on their own. 

Thank you in advance for your trust, support, and help with turning this world into a magical playground for as many children as possible.

Whether you've enjoyed our book, our online shows, or are just visiting us for the first time, we're very grateful to have you here. As we continue working on our next adventure, we could definitely use your help. Please see below for some of the ways you could stay in touch and be part of our mission. Thank You! 


Here are just few ways you could help us:

Share The Love

If someone in your life could use a little extra love, guidance or energy, then make sure to let them know about us. We believe that it’s never too early or too late to start balancing our busy digital lives. Plus, learning something new about nature, healing, and mindfulness can help us all — yes, even grownups. 

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If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, no worries. Our fun chapter book will be available on Amazon very soon. In the meantime, please join our fun email newsletter for the latest updates and to download our exclusive preview of the first 3 chapters — ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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Your donation will go towards publishing and promotional expenses of our future literary adventures.

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