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Tomas Kohoutek Author Of Living With Teddy

Finding Inspiration In Every Turn

“Helping, sharing, and caring for each other and our planet Earth is, in my opinion, the key to happiness. So, let’s team up to grow, heal, and learn from everything around us, especially Mother Nature, who, as you know, desperately needs our help.”
                                                                                   Tomas Kohoutek

Tomas Kohoutek Creator Of Living With Teddy

About the Author

The Sheep Of Teddylandia

The Shepherd

While growing up as a shepherd on the border of Czechia and Poland, I realized that I was born with many wonderful gifts, such as my sense of creativity. This discovery gave me a new perspective on life and took me on an epic journey around the world. During my travels, I had a chance to meet many wise gurus and take notes from plenty of valuable books, but the knowledge I collected from Mother Nature and from various teddies was by far the most profound. That knowledge helped me improve my physical and mental health so much that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to learning everything there is to know about these incredible counselors and advisors, and sharing their message of love, kindness, and healing with the rest of the world — especially our children.

Tomas Kohoutek Arriving To USA

My Rough Start

Just like many children warriors out there, I went through a lot of difficult situations. First, my world fell apart when my parents decided to divorce. Then, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that keeps bothering me to this very day. Stress, worries, and anxieties have became part of my life, constantly affecting my health and reshaping who I am. For some strange reason, I decided not to talk to my family or friends about all my struggles that came with the diagnosis — perhaps because I didn’t know how. So, I kept everything inside, which was a big mistake — one  I don’t want anyone else to repeat.

Wild Teddy Bears

The New Beginning

Then came the unexpected twist that gave me a lot of hope and changed my perspective on life forever. I accidentally ran into a team of wild, talking teddy bears who understood not just my language and my condition, but also my feelings. For some strange reason, they wanted to know everything there was to know about me, my family issues, and even my health. So, I finally started to talk. Surprisingly, sharing my secrets with my new friends made me feel much lighter and eventually put me on a path toward recovery.


But then, all of my furry advisors and counselors disappeared from my life. Without even saying good bye.

My Dog Dusty and My Motorcycle

Dusty — next to my bike.

After traveling around the world on my motorcycle, and looking for my missing friends everywhere, I settled with my family in New York City. Eventually, my special talents and discoveries outgrew my passion and helped me be recognized in artistic and scientific circles worldwide as one of the top Teddyologists — for translating Mother Nature’s wisdom and introducing the true power of teddy bears to everyone. I hope that children in your life will have a chance to discover this magic, too, because it can bring balance into their busy digital lives and teach them something new about themselves and the world around them.

Tomas Kohoutek Author of MISSING in his apartment in Brooklyn

Over 23 Years of Award-Winning Creativity

Tomas Kohoutek — Awards
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