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Mountains Of Teddylandia


History of Teddylandia

The Kingdom of Teddylandia was a small but magnificent teddy bear kingdom  — squeezed between the Kingdom of Bohemia, today’s Czechia, and the Kingdom of Silesia, today’s Poland. After the Great Teddy Bear War, between the Wild Teddy Bears (Also known as Tedduski) and the mysterious fox warriors, the original Kingdom of Teddylandia has never been restored. The majority of wild teddies chose to continue living with humans, helping them balance their lives. The powerful King Teddo III, who united the original Teddylandia provinces, decided to assemble a group of the bravest teddies, and together they embarked on a long journey across the big ocean. The legends say that they searched for their new home for weeks. Eventually, they made it across and settled on a new continent that every Teddy knows as the New Teddylandia.

Hills Of Teddylandia

New Teddylandia

Welcome to the New Teddylandia. A new kind of country and a magical, imaginative world where teddy bears live in harmony with their human friends. New Teddylandia is nothing like the old kingdom. It is now a beautiful democratic country full of forests, playgrounds, and great cities. 


After the Great Teddy Bear War with the fox warriors a lot of wild teddies became refugees. Human families welcomed teddies and stuffies into the safety of their own homes and ever since, the world has never been the same. As years passed, the stories of New Teddylandia spread around the world and more teddy bears decided to find it. In the beginning, balloons and boats full of teddies and stuffies started searching for new home. Many were lost in the weeks. Others even returned with no luck. But with time, and with advancements in intercontinental travel, more curious teddies and staffers arrived - some with their adventurous humans - who simply couldn’t live without their fluffy companion. To majority of new settlers New Teddylandia was a dream-come-true. It’s a pure, magical playground full of learning, healing, and helping, where teddies, stuffies and humans work together to help Mother Nature thrive again. Hope you can visit us soon to discover the magic of New Teddylandia in your own unique way.  

Teddylandia Logo

Visit the official website of the New Teddylandia's government.

New Teddylandia Airways

Your Flight to New Teddylandia Awaits

Want to visit us or even move to New Teddylandia? Teddylandia welcomes every human being with open arms and without any questions or background checks. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. If you’d like to learn more about this incredible country that can help your entire family thrive again, then our children's story is the perfect place to get started. 


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