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Nice To Meet You, Everyone

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

New York City and New Teddylandia, January 6, 2023

Dear parents, guardians, educators, and friends. Thank you in advance for your time and support, and for discovering our website and our children’s story.

My name is Tomas Kohoutek, I’m a storytelling dad, family healer, and peacemaker who finds inspiration close to home and enjoys bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in fun and creative ways. For the past few years, my childhood friend Teddy and I have been working very hard on the one thing that’s most needed: delivering Mother Nature’s message of love, kindness, and healing to all the children out there who could use her guidance, love, and energy. We’re hoping to raise awareness around the current mental health crisis that’s affecting children everywhere. Luckily, in our children’s story, which doubles as a personal development book, we’ll be addressing children’s most common struggles like no one has ever done before — through the Art of Quiet and Mindful Living, an essential survival skill I picked up as a child from my friends — wild teddy bears.

If there’s someone or something missing in your children’s lives, or if you think your children could use a little extra guidance, love, and Nature’s energy — especially today, when mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders are everywhere around us — then you’re in the right place and time. To learn more about our innovative children's story, that doubles as a developmental book, visit us at

Thanks for your time and support!


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