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  The Greatest Teddy Bear Story Ever Told

Living With Teddy | Missing | The Greatest Teddy Bear Story Ever Told

Have you seen these troublemakers anywhere?

When my teddy bears — my childhood counselors and personal advisors — disappeared from my home without a trace, I was heartbroken. One day, instead of shedding more tears, I started looking for my furry friends and writing stories about all the amazing adventures we’ve been through — not just to have the world help me find them but also to help children everywhere find themselves through the magical power of their own teddies and stuffies.


It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. If bringing your own teddies, stuffies, or plushies to life and turning your world into a magical playground is something you could be into, then join me on this incredible search-and-rescue adventure.

Adventures Of Tomas And Teddy

Get Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime

We’ll meet wild teddy bears (Fera Teddy Ursus) — the true ancestors of our domesticated teddies, and probably the most interesting creatures still roaming the face of the Earth. We’ll visit their original home, the enchanted Black Forest, and learn about their Art of Quiet and Mindful Living — an essential but fun survival skill for this modern world and something that every child should be learning about. We’ll also meet Mother Nature, with all her magical healing tools. She’s eager to help every human being on Earth thrive again. Finally, we’ll travel to the secret Kingdom of New Teddylandia, a beautiful and mysterious place the children in your life simply can’t afford to miss.

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The Greatest Teddy Bear Story Ever Told.

Living With Teddy Book — Children's Story About Nature, Healing, And Mindfulness
Download A Free Preview Of Living With Teddy

Dear teddy bear lowers of the world — we need your help! Our chapter book, dedicated to 8+ readers, is now available via Kickstarter. Would you help us bring it to life? You can visit our Kickstarter page where you can pre-order our book today. You can also support us by joining our email list for the latest updates and to get an exclusive preview of the first 3 chapters — FREE. 


Wild Teddy Bear In the Forest


The Untold
Legend of Wild
Teddy Bears.

Meet Tomas
Tomas Kohoutek Author Of Missing

Tomas Kohoutek

Tomas Kohoutek is an award-winning creative director, communication guru, and a teddyologist, who’s for many years served some of the world’s hottest idea factories. But deep in his heart, Tomas is just a storytelling dad, healer, and peacemaker who finds inspiration close to home and enjoys bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in a fun and creative way — through the Art of Quiet and Mindful Living, an essential survival skill he picked up as a child from his friends, wild teddy bears.
Mountains Of New Teddylandia

Balancing Our Children's Busy Digital Lives

Discovering the healing power of Mother Nature and her little helpers — wild teddy bears, helped me overcome many challenges in my childhood and made me a much stronger, wiser, and healthier human being and I hope that the children in your life will have a chance to discover this magic too, because it can bring more balance into their busy digital lives and teach them something new — not just about their furry friends, but also about some of the less obvious responsibilities we all have toward ourselves, each other, and our dying planet, Earth. 

Awaken the Healer Within.

Wild Teddy Bears


Our innovative children story, which doubles as a personal-development book, is here to help. It will take your family on a fun journey around the world and, along the way, it will give your children a powerful foundation, tools, and skills they’ll need, not just to survive in this modern world, but to thrive in it. 

Plus, in our book’s last chapter, dedicated just to you, grownups, we’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions for how YOU can become the healer in your family. Yes, it's not just possible, it's easy. All you have to do is stay open-minded and remember to think like a child from time to time.

Mother Nature

Re-discover The Healing Power Of Mother Nature.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Turn Your World Into a Magical Playground Again.

Tomas And Teddy

Teddy and I are two good friends trying to make a difference in the world by helping children grow, learn, and heal, so they can become stronger, healthier, and kinder human beings. We focus on creative storytelling, drawing, healing, exercising, working on cool projects, and learning from everything around us, especially Mother Nature. 

If you agree that our children could use a little extra love, healing and energy, especially today, when all the mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders are everywhere around us, then then you’re in a right place in the right time.  To learn about how our children are actually doing these days, click below.

“As a child, I never got a manual or a secret recipe for how to lead a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. So, I decided to travel the world in search of the best childhood counselors who’d help me put one together — for myself, my family, and now, perhaps even the world.”

Nature and Teddy Bears Have Changed My Life.

During my travels, I had a chance to meet many wise gurus and take notes from plenty of valuable books, but the knowledge I collected from Mother Nature and her furry friends was by far the most profound thing I learned about. Their insights, guidance, and tools helped me improve my physical and mental health so much, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to learning everything there is to know about them and their powerful healing methods.

Wild Teddy Bear | Teddus


Still Missing

Wild Teddy Bear | Kotunia


Still Missing

Wild Teddy Bear | Pajda


Still Missing


Wild Teddy Bear | Sowu

Still Missing

Wild Teddy Bear | Arnost


Still Missing

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